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What are the benefits?

Vortex’s six key benefits
  Vortex Insect trap
  The Vortex Insect Trap provides a variety of benefits for a diversity of industries.

It’s simple to set up and use
The trap comes in an easy-to-assemble pack and requires very little maintenance. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity. It’s easy to transport and is cost-effective.

It’s environmentally friendly in more ways than one
The trap uses the natural elements of water and light to attract and eradicate insect pests. It doesn’t use chemicals and it is water efficient. The trap also allows you to use fewer insecticides.

The trap complements your existing pest management practices
The trap is a cost-effective way of adding to and improving your current pest management routines. You don’t have to disrupt your strategies or make expensive changes. The trap will allow you to substantially reduce the use of insecticides both in terms of quantity and frequency.

The Vortex Insect Trap has proven success in reducing insect pests
We know Vortex is effective and we also know we need to prove it. This is why we’ve participated in several studies to gauge the effectiveness of the trap. Studies have shown that the Vortex is extremely effective in capturing those insect pests attracted to light. For more information about the research click here.

The Vortex Insect Trap is insecticide-free and is a valuable component of your integrated pest management practices
Vortex Insect Traps don’t use insecticides and they add great value to your existing practices. The Vortex Insect Trap breaks down the breeding cycle and reduced infestation rates when integrated with pest management programs.

The Vortex Insect Trap saves you money
The trap is cost-efficient to run, it is low maintenance, it uses very little water, and it will reduce your insecticide use.