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How does it work?

  Vortex Insect trap co-founder
  Vortex co-founders and company directors Penny Delfs and Charlie Curnow explaining how the Vortex works to Federal Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources Ian McFarlane after winning an award for innovation

The simple explanation

The Vortex Insect Trap comprises four key elements, all working together:

  • a Vortex container
  • a self-levelling gimballed stand
  • a whirlpool of water
  • a UV light.

Insects pests naturally attracted to luminance are drawn to the trap’s light. The insects then fall into the whirling water, drown and are then swept into the bin below. The trap and the water flow have been specifically engineered so the insects cannot escape. The dead insects can then be removed from the trap at appropriate intervals.

The trap is powered either by 240V or by solar panel.
Of course, this simple explanation belies the engineering skill, technical expertise and extensive research behind the product.

The results, put simply
In general terms, using a Vortex Insect Trap reduced insect pest populations in five ways:

  1. It attracts and eradicates destructive insect pests in the area.
  2. Over time it breaks the breeding cycle of insect pest populations in the area.
  3. It has negligible or no effect on beneficial insect populations.
  4. The reduction in destructive insect populations and the subsequent reduction in insecticide use often contributes to a regeneration of the local environment.
  5. The reduction in the use of insecticides slows the insect pests’ increased resistance to chemicals.

The best results are achieved when Vortex is used year-round.

Scientific explanations and results

For more information on the scientific validity of the Vortex Insect Trap, click here.