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What is Vortex?

  Vortex Insect trap inventor
  Vortex Insect Trap inventor and company director Charlie Curnow with the trap.

The Vortex Insect Trap is the only apparatus that attracts and kills insect pest populations. The trap is chemical free and it complements any existing integrated pest management system.

The Vortex Insect Trap uses light and water in an innovative way to attract night flying insect pests, trap them and then drown them. It can be used just about anywhere on farms, in nurseries, or any commercial situation where insects are a problem.

Vortex can be used in the following situations:

  • horticulture crops and orchards
  • market gardens
  • organic crops
  • cotton industry
  • pulse industry
  • grain storage
  • commercial and domestic areas
  • tourism, resorts and golf courses.
  • outdoor entertainment and recreation areas
  • environmentally sensitive areas
  • stock routes
  • near power lines
  • rivers and creeks.

Vortex can be used in:

  • integrated pest management
  • area wide management groups
  • environmentally sensitive areas
  • organic farming operations
  • chemical-free systems
  • zero tillage systems
  • areas where pesticide application is hazardous
  • pupae busting.