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What is Vortex's reputation

  Vortex Insect trap co-founder
  Vortex co-founder and inventor Charlie Curnow celebrates becoming People's Choice and Judges' Choice on the ABC New Inventors program.

For a new company with a new product, we’ve already received a great deal of recognition.


To date, Vortex has been awarded:

  • 2005  Recognition for Commitment to Business Excellence and in Particular for the Innovation in the Development of the Vortex Insect Trap
  • 2004 - Highly commended, Asia Connect Award
  • 2004 -  ABC New Inventors Award
  • 2002 -  Queensland Department of Primary Industries Smart Ideas Award
  • selected as the pilot small enterprise for the Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC) TechFast Program
  • won a New Industries Development Program In-Market Experience Scholarship from the Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Vortex in the media
The media throughout Australia has been extremely supportive of Vortex and enthusiastic about our innovative approach and environmental solutions. Click here to see some of the coverage we’ve received.