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Who is on the Vortex team?

  Vortex Directors Penny and Charlie
  Vortex Directors Penny Delfs and Charlie Curnow, proudly showing one of their awards for innovation.

“We believe 100 per cent in our product and we know it can bring fantastic benefits to your enterprise. Many of our customers are already telling us the positive difference the Vortex is making in terms of cost-savings, more environment-friendly pest management practices, a rejuvenation of the natural surroundings and simply less stress in trying to outwit those pesky pests.

Our customers also prized the fact that Vortex didn’t disrupt their existing pest management practices, but added benefits to it. This then allowed them to make changes to their systems—particularly in terms of insecticide use—at their own pace (even though Vortex’s impact was almost immediate).

We stand proud next to our product and guarantee its quality, efficiency and useability.

We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs and determine a way Vortex can help you manage your insect pest challenges.” Charlie and Penny

The Vortex Insect Trap is a product of Vortex Insect Control Holdings Limited , an Australian public company run by a dedicated team including founders Charlie Curnow and Penny Delfs.

In addition, Vortex is supported by a team of agricultural, horticultural and technical specialists as well as management and marketing advisors.

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