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What Is Vortex?

The Vortex Insect Trap


The Vortex Insect Trap was initially created by Charlie Curnow and his brother Bryan, when Bryan’s farm was being inundated with destructive moths destroying his vegetable crops. At the same time, the local pub was also being swarmed by the pests making the watering hole look more like a scene from a sci-fi movie.

The Curnow brothers did what all smart inventors do: they used age-old concepts in an innovative way. (No doubt there are hundreds of people now scratching their heads and musing: “Why didn’t I think of that?”) Charlie’s engineering expertise was of particular benefit in creating the Vortex.

Bryan and Charlie knew most insect pests were attracted to light and they also knew they needed a way to easily eradicate them and then remove them.

These three factors led to the combination of light, water and a ‘ trap’. This is how the Vortex Insect Trap was born.

The brothers were joined by Penny Curnow as research assistant and business/marketing manager, and after several iterations and prototypes, the Vortex product was born.

Sadly, Bryan Curnow passed away before the Vortex Insect Trap entered the market but Charlie and Penny have continued the journey.

Vortex Insect Control Systems was established in 2017 and continues to grow their vision of growing the company and its environmentally-friendly products.

An All In One System

That Actually Works

The Vortex Insect Trap has been designed specifically to attract and eradicate insect pests.   The Trap disrupts the breeding cycles, commonly known as pupae busting.  The trap is chemical free and complements any existing integrated pest management system.

The Vortex Insect Trap uses light and water in an innovative way to attract night flying insect.  If an insect flys and night and is attracted to light then we catch them.   The trap can be used just about anywhere that has a need, on farms, in nurseries, or any commercial situation where insects are a problem.  A tool for your Integration Pest Management System.

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How Can It Be Used?

Situations & Applications

Vortex can be used in the following situations:

  • Horticulture crops and orchards
  • Market gardens
  • Organic crops
  • Cotton industry
  • Pulse industry
  • Commercial and domestic areas
  • Tourism, resorts and golf courses
  • Outdoor entertainment and recreation areas
  • environmentally sensitive areas
  • Stock routes
  • Near power lines
  • Rivers and creeks. 


Vortex can be used in:

  • integrated pest management
  • area wide management groups
  • environmentally sensitive areas
  • organic farming operations
  • chemical-free systems
  • zero tillage systems
  • areas where insecticide application is hazardous
  • pupae busting.

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